Betting on My Health…

I haven’t been blogging for some time.

There are several reasons…

  • I had fallen miserably off the health and fitness wagon, and gained back 25+ lbs since last Spring
  • I found myself terribly busy this past fall/winter, and was running kids here, there and everywhere.
  • I found myself not caring, call it winter blues, or seasonal depression, whatever it was– it wasn’t helping with any motivation to take care of myself.

I am not re-dedicating myself to blogging daily or weekly, or making false promises to… I am just excited that I finally found some motivation to get my butt in gear and wanted to share.   I am betting on my health!

I am not a gambler, but after seeing Beth tweet about her dietbet game she was hosting last month I was intrigued. Being it was after the start date, and my less than stellar eating and working out habits at that time, I decided to pass. This month, I tweet’d her to ask if she was going to host a new challenge as I NEEDED some sort of motivation.  Thankfully she agreed!  After signing up for that game, I impulsively joined two more games, thinking if I put more money out there I will WANT to get it back… Ack!

I promise to post the results of the game and what the pots ended up being, plus the payout totals… as I WILL be a winner!! Must think positive!! 😉

DietBet – Have Fun. Lose Weight. Make Money! from DietBet on Vimeo.

Here is a little information about how Dietbet works:

You sign up for a game placing a predetermined bet to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days.  Beth’s for example cost $25 US to join. Dietbet collects the money from all the participants and holds it until the 28 day game is over.  To start the challenge dietbet sends you an email 2 days before the challenge containing a word you need to write on an index card and include it in two photos of you weighing in.  One full body photo of you wearing airport security-type clothing, and one of you weighing in on the scale with the index card showing your word in it.  They will verify your picture as being authentic before you can be a part of the contest.

After that you can weigh in as often or as little as you want until the final weigh-in. If you are a winner (anyone who succeeds in losing 4% of their weight) you will need to take new photos of you weighing in that they compare to the first ones to determine authenticity of the final weigh-in.  If there are any discrepancies on your final weigh-in they state a live video weigh-in may be requested.  All very reasonable I think. The pot is then split among the “winners.”  Dietbet does keep a percentage of the pot and it is determined by the set initial bet cost.

I think it is really cool that you can bet on your commitment to succeed. As well if you like you can play for a charity and donate your winnings, or even a percentage of your winnings.  I love the concept and wish I would have thought of it!

Find the app on itunes here. The android app is in the works.  However you do not need an iPhone, iPod or iPad to play, just log into to find out more.

FYI: I am not affiliated with Dietbet in any way, I will not profit off anyone joining a game from my links.

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Happy New Year!

Wow, another year has went by, and I failed terribly at my last year’s resolutions

This year I am not making any official resolutions.  I know I want to move more, eat better, spend more time with my family, ect… I don’t need to declare it I just need to do it, and if I am not successful– to keep trying.

One thing I did get to help me get a little more motivated to move  was a Nike Fuel Band.

Today is my first day wearing it as it took forever to come in the mail over the holidays, and by the time it arrived I realized I had made a mistake in ordering the white ice, and needed to exchange it at the store.  Only to find when I was staying up in Edmonton I needed my computer to set it up, which I failed to bring, as I was sporting my new ipad mini that was lighter and much more convenient for hotel use! 😉  If any readers out there are using one as well maybe we can set up a challenge?

Start of the day... hope I can get at least 100x that!

I am curious if it will make me move more??  I had a bodybugg back in the day and it was great except that the food logins were painful, and I always used MFP.  They did not sync together until recently and I am DONE paying for a subscription to use something I had to pay a lot of $$ for in the first place!

As well I switched up my smoothies… I am not fully on the clean eating bandwagon right now, but I wanted my meal replacement shakes at least to be.  I try and take one to work as my breakfast/snack due to my allergies and little children with poor eating/washing skills…After buying a Vega One in Vanilla and enjoying it, I phoned Vega and asked them about the other flavours of Vega One if they contained any Bananas, Walnuts, or Hazelnuts (My allergy foods)  They took my name and phoned me back within an hour and told me that no they do not contain those ingredients they are however processed at a facility that may have other items that could contain them.  They were great about explaining why they do not like to make the completely safe from those allergen claims, and offered to send me some samples before I plunked down the huge chunk of cash for the large tubs.  I said sure, gave them my address and waited.  I didn’t have to wait long!!

I received a box of samples two days later!  They outdid themselves, they even included a blender cup! I would recommend them due to their customer service alone.

Thanks Vega!!

So far I have had the Chocolate & Vanilla Chai samples and have decided to order the full sized version from as their price was better and there were a few more items I needed from there.

Well I am off… My Nike Fuel Points aren’t going to amount on their own while I am sitting here!

Did you make and New Year’s Resolutions? If so, share in the comments below….

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Keep Calm and Carry On…

Life has been busy… REALLY busy since school started.

Stinky, my youngest has always been involved in a lot of activities, Bubba, not so much. This year, he has finally come out of his shell. It’s great!

It however adds more mileage to my odometer that I am now running with 2 kids instead of one. 😉

So this weekend when I had 5:30am wake up calls, packing lunches and driving here or there in the snow, it really didn’t feel like the weekend!

However knowing Bubba fulfilled a big dream of his to start him on his way of refereeing the big leagues…

… And Stinky looks so handsome when he is off to his hockey game!


It’s the little things that make it all worth it! So when I am sleep deprived, or wishing a cleaning fairy had showed up while I was out running kids this weekend…

… I just need to breathe deep, take a minute, and relax after they get on the bus… And have my coffee. :)

All the rest can wait…

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Spinach Cubed

Ever have great intentions to eat healthy and buy a bunch of spinach for smoothies?

…only to have it turn into a bag of slimy green mush?

*sheepishly raising my hand* 😀

Recently I decided I should start eating healthier again, and with the school year starting I tend to drink more smoothies. They are great to bring to work to have as a breakfast/snack as I then am not eating with my hands which helps to avoid any cross contamination allergic reaction.

Only I bought a HUGE bag of spinach, and there it sat for the last week… slowly turning.

I needed to save it so I didn’t waste anymore produce!

Out came the strainer and I washed and dried it separating the few already mushy leaves out.  Chopped it into smaller pieces and squished it into ice cube trays making sure to compress them.   I popped them into the freezer for a few hours till they were frozen :)


A quick twist of the ice cube tray and out they pop! 20120905-190528.jpg

Handy little serving sizes… I can easily throw 1, 2, or 3 into a blender!


Into a freezer ziplock bag…


…and into the freezer for the next time a smoothie craving hits!


This is great as I can now buy organic spinach when it goes on sale and feel good about the fact I will not let it go to waste! It takes a bit of prep but if I added up how much money in spinach I have given to our chickens or to the compost pile I may be a bit embarrassed!

Which is great as I am trying to follow a thriftier un-wasteful lifestyle

….like I’ve read about on the blog, Small Notebook.

I really wanted to do a No Spend Month, but with our sport activities, and fees that go along with them AND back-to-school, I wasn’t sure when I could ever find a month that didn’t have a lot of financial commitments.

So instead I am trying to be more mindful of my spending, and use up items I have already purchased in my crazy overfull freezer/ cold room /pantry storage this month!  Plus, I am trying to follow some of her other ideas, to clear the clutter and simplify my life.  Wish me luck! *I may need it!!*

So I guess I will call this month, Mindful Spending September…

Have you every tried a NO SPEND MONTH??  How did it go??


Big BTS Burger!

Sadly, the summer is over again! I had been back already for a couple professional development days but now it’s time for the kids to go back…. :'(

I love how it looks like the kids are walking to the sun.

…and they’re off!

Since I do not start working with my student for at least a week I thought I would take advantage of my kid-free day to surprise them with a special back to school supper!
Mixing some bread dough, notice the dough is white…

Look away if you are looking for a healthy eating option as this is not a healthy supper idea!!

Considering the idea is from Man VS Food you will see why!
9″ burger bun cooked in a cake pan.

I just used a very simple Amish white bread recipe for the bun found here.
5lbs of extra lean ground beef seasoned with chopped onions, BBQ sauce, a couple of eggs and some oats as a filler went into the two 9″ pans.
Onto the burger to keep it a little generic I only put BBQ sauce on the bun. If someone wanted a specific condiment it could be added at the table. :) One more patty to go!

Here it is in all it’s burger glory next to a pop can as a size reference…
Don’t worry no one will attempt to eat this on their own… 😉
“Is it supper yet?!?!”

The Big BTS Burger was a hit!

…hopefully it’s still a hit tomorrow as they are having it for leftovers!!!

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1st Blog-a-versary!

Wow! I can’t believe it has been a year since starting my blog!

It hasn’t changed to much with the exception that I never seem to write anymore!! Which is kind of sad! Especially since I finally own as of yesterday!( I scored it using’s backorder and auction service )

I am trying to figure out how I want this blog to evolve while fitting into my life without overtaking it, or neglecting it!

‘Till then I will sit on the almost finished deck drinking coffee listening to the birds!


I hope your having a great summer too!!

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I made it! Pfew!

I am officially on the Life Phase of the Elimination diet!  I just realized I could’ve transition this past Monday!  I thought I would have been crossing off the calendar eager to add some more foods back into my diet! The past 6 weeks have went by VERY quickly, and I didn’t even realize how many weeks it had been until I was counting them up to answer someone’s message at The Kitchen Table, Strange how a plan can actually grow on you, and you forget you are “doing’ it… well, you forget until you go out to a restaurant and it is hard to navigate a vague menu! 😉


Now I just have to keep myself as much on track as possible without going crazy.  If you have any yeast-free/ sugar-free bread recipes please share!  Bonus points if they are gluten-free as well!

I plan on seeing the Naturopath again at the end of June, and I hope to be able to report better blood test results!

Have a great week!  XO


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What I’ve been Eating…

This is a recap of some of the foods that made the iphone photo library (lesser quality photos, sorry!) while healing from my surgery.  Don’t mind my green blankie in the photos, I have ate almost all my meals on the couch lately– ahh…the life of a gimpy recluse!

These clean eats have helped me lose another 4.5 pounds while sitting on my bum resting!  Not bad… I tell you… not bad! :)

Quinoa pancakes topped with almond butter and mixed berries… who needs syrup?? 😉

Candida yeast-free Kinnikinnick Bread topped with Crunch Sunflower butter and some strawberry chia jam! My new favourite breakfast!!

Veggie Omelette one whole egg and 3 whites, from my free range hens! :)

Coconut & Almond crusted Tilapia with side salad and some jalapeno greek yogurt

Mexican pulled chicken with blackbeans, & coleslaw on a brown rice wrap with a side of veggies :)

yummy protein/veggies lunch! with a side of hummus

Treat supper of Beanitos tortillas with my homemade salsa, pureed avocado and jalapeno greek yogurt, YUM!

Other than this there has been a lot of fish, and chicken with green salads, and the occasional sweet potato, or sweet potato fries. I love that I am on Phase 2 now and am allowed sweet potatoes again!!

Now I am off to do round two of my physio exercises,

  • 10 minutes on the bike rotating back and forth, back and forth as far as I can manage
  • 10 minutes of reformer squats
  • 10 sets of 10 seconds straightening with resistance band w/ 10 seconds of rest
  • 10 leg raises
  • 10 heel slides

I hope soon my knee will be a perfect 10!

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Blogging Hiatus

It has been a month since I have last posted… for the few who check on here regularly to see if I had posted anything, I am sorry!

Life has been busy.

After turning the ripe old age of 33, I have spent the past month continuing to eat clean following my plan and now transitioned into Phase 2! :)

I have been trying some new recipes that fit my diet… Like the Coconut Lime Cheesecake Squares in my Oxygen magazine. 

While they were baking I tweeted describing how good they smelled and it was featured in the May 2012 issue on the Letters of the Month page!! Pretty exciting as they are my favourite magazine, along with Clean Eating Magazine! –yes… I have a thing for Robert Kennedy Publishing!  & Tosca Reno!

As well I had been preparing my house and my life for post-surgery.  On April 30th I had an ACL reconstruction revision with an allograft (donor) —I will write more on that in another post.  

Now I just need to rest, and recoup following my Doctor and Physiotherapist’s guidelines.

I am now off from work until September… Please keep your fingers-crossed I get another contract with the school board next year!! :)

Now that I am stuck on my butt for awhile I hope to post a little more regular!  In between chauffeuring my kids to and from Ball and Swim Club! 😉



33 years young…

Wow… today is my birthday!  It is funny how when you are a child your birthday takes forever to come again… days seem like weeks, and weeks seem like years as you are waiting for the day, and the all exciting presents! As an adult it creeps up on you quicker and quicker every year!

As an adult I find birthdays are more of a dread, and a day of personal reflection for myself.  I am not saying I do not like owning my age, as another year older is WAY better than the alternative.  I want to get old.  Just NOT so quickly! As much as I am fine with the number getting better I really hope I never look my age! A couple years… a couple days… I will take all or any mistakes in my age as long as it is younger 😛

I say dread and personal reflection… as I find it is a day to remind you of your immortality.  It is a day I tend to self-check and almost respect more than New Year’s for resolutions.

Am I where I thought I would be at 33??  NO, and YES!  I am happily married to a wonderful husband, and have two great boys —who are older than I thought I would have at this point! lol… Picky Hubby is 9 years my senior and was ready right after we got married. I wasn’t but  I was easily convinced 😉

I have a job that I love… I work for a program for Early Intervention working with kids with different needs, from extra speech supports, behavioral guidance, or physical and/or occupational therapy supports.  Every day is different, and their successes bring me joy!

I am more confident than I have ever been in my life, and have finally started realizing I do not care what others think of me to a certain point.  I need to please myself first!

I have a nice house, and a beautiful kitchen that I LOVE to cook in now!  Especially since I have been following a restricted elimination diet plan for the past 5 weeks.  Which also means I cannot have a traditional birthday cake. So instead of having hubby order one from a bakery I had to make my own… :'( 

When searching for a recipe that fit my plan, I struggled, then finally decided to go with one I found Here, and adapted it to fit my plan. It had great reviews, so I decided to go with it!

I lined a very large baking pan with parchment paper and used that instead of the round spring form pans as I knew I wanted to make it into a bar cake.

Changes I made to the recipe include: I subbed Krisda baking formula (Stevia) for the powdered sugar, and some lemon extract for the rum.  Since I cannot have sugar, I just skipped their icing recipe, and just make some real whipped cream with some stevia to sweeten, and layered with a little Barlean’s Omega Swirl Lemon Twist, and strawberries.

Fingers crossed it tastes good!  Especially to those who aren’t eating gluten/sugar-free!


I had a Wonderful birthday so far… I woke up to some great new loose tea being brewed for me, and a table filled with presents!  Here are a few of the favourites that  I had been hinting on for awhile!

6.25qt Le Creuset French Oven in Spinach, new Clean Eating Cookbook, and a new Glass measuring cup with Green writing!

Plus… Picky Hubby flew my brother out to spend the day with us!

We decided to drive the 2 hours to Edmonton to a matinee of American Reunion while the kids were in school… and I have to say it was a great movie!  It had a few parts that err…shocked me!  However for the most part it was a great movie that made me feel very nostalgic! It was great to see the cast older… Plus I survived the movie theatre without popcorn!!  It was a great accomplishment and speaks greatly of my willpower to stick with this elimination diet!

When we got home, we all worked together to make a great steak dinner, with Cauliflower Leek & White Bean Mash, and a garden salad for me, and baby potatoes, ceasar salad and garlic bread for everyone else.

It was SO good… well now we are off to play a new game expansion of Ticket to Ride my Brother and his fiancee got me! Asia :)

I had one of the best birthdays in a VERY long time, and am very grateful to all my friends and family who made me feel very loved!  Thanks!  …To another 66 years!!

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