hockey camp day 1

Thing Two dragging his HUGE bag into arena

Thing Two dragging his HUGE bag into arena

Hockey camp… Sigh! Early mornings, tired cranky kids, sleep deprived parents!
It is crazy that I plan on spending a week in an arena in the summer, but I love my son! …and he loves hockey. We don’t have dreams of him playing in the NHL, neither does he for the most part.

At least I brought a smoothie! Yum!

Smoothie at the arena :)

Smoothie at the arena :)

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3 Responses to hockey camp day 1

  1. How cute! I didn’t even know hockey camp existed.
    Hope he has great day

  2. Picky Nikki says:

    It’s a day camp, well for some of the kids it goes well into night depending on what clinics they sign up for. We had to be on the road today for 6:30 am, and I got in my door at 7:20pm. It makes for a LONG day.

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