Food, Family and Fun!

I am tired today… I feel like I went to town drinking last night, but I think it is just exhaustion! (especially since I had a half a glass of my malibu and perrier, and dumped the rest down the sink.) 

For breakfast I had a smoothie of two handfuls of spinach, some oats, chia seeds, choc. protein powder, little instant coffee, summer fruit mix, and some ice.  Wow that was a mouthful!

Lunch was some popcorn… yes I know, popcorn. It was of the Simply Food, sweet and salty flavour from Shoppers Drug Mart

SOooo Good, I don't recommend you try it :P

 Supper was at the family bbq for my cousin’s wedding.  My uncle once again made my day with his fish recipes…

Every family brought a salad…

My already eaten from plate...oops!

There were hotdogs and hamburgers too…but I chose to stick to the fish and salads, as I know I have been eating BAD all week!  Plus I had a bit too much samples of cake and the raspberry buttercream when I had the cake incident 😛

This is the salad I brought.  It is that Presidents choice Blue Menu stuff I talked about on the blog before, here.  All I had to do is chop some spinach up finely and stir it in!

Bulgar, Quinoa, and Chickpea Salad

 Lots of compliments on the taste, then on the easy recipe once I let my secret out of the bag!

My favourite Salad on the Table was this beauty!  Avacodos, Tomatoes, Cilantro, Black Beans, and Green Onion.  She said all the dressing is is some lime juice!  I will have to remake this at home!

Pat's Amazing Salad! My favourite of the night!

It was a very formal affair… sit down dinner 😉

Kid's table

Auntie Spagetti took this photo of Hubby and I on my Camera

Lots of pictures were taken!

My mom, and my sister and me! <3

Oh, I see lots of photos like this in his future.. as a Mom I shudder!

It was a great time… family, friends and food!  Hubby and I left the kids after with my Mom, and played some Catan with my sister and her boyfriend… I got schooled, BAD!

I'm the blue locked from expansion... :(

We stayed up WAY TOO LATE!!

…Well I am off to finally make myself a smoothie and slowly start getting ready for the wedding.  I can’t wait to see my little cousin get married!






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