A Day of Firsts…

Today has already been a sad but happy day, and a just plain freaky day of firsts! Wow.. and it’s only 10am!

Bradley and Aidan on the 1st day of School

Today was the boy’s first day of school for the 2011/2012 school year.

After a bit of being worked up about a new year, and a new teacher  from the older more sensitive one yesterday… this morning went really well!!!  Well… minus Aidan’s break down about the shirt he was wearing.  He picked it and NEEDED it… but today said it was too big, sigh,  I knew that would be an issue at purchase when he tried it on.  I guess that is the price he pays for buying a shirt for the colour when the size wasn’t right 😛 

Off they go!

Hubby made pancakes for the kiddos and him, and I had a smoothie instead.  I had a personal sad day stepping on the scale after almost a month of not… I am up, A LOT!  I guess back to the grind I go… re-losing the poundage I already did… then hopefully one day even more 😛 A girl can dream…

Cpt. Rex and her 7 kitties

When we came home last night from holidays we found our barn cat had had kittens… 7 of them!  Sigh!  How do they get pregnant so quick?!? …and does anyone want a kitten?


My most exciting part of my morning was when we checked on the chickens.  When going in the coop I saw there were some eggs in there!  Our first eggs from our chickens.  So far it is just the Ameruacanas laying, which is pretty cool as they are a pretty light greeny-blue.

White egg is from Safeway to compare colours :)

When we talked to my SIL and she said she had seen about half a dozen in there I went back with a bucket to dig and inspect for others so they don’t go bad.  On my way to the coop I was headed off by three roosters who had been let out this morning to free-range.  When I had continued to go towards the coop the black one we had decided to keep when we whittled down the numbers this fall decided to run after me!!!  I am sure it was a sight!  I was running and screaming for my hubby as it came after me… usually they are just curious… not chasing!  I threw my bucket in it’s direction and it didn’t slow down… and kept on coming… 5 kicks in its direction and it wasn’t scared.  My hubby couldn’t hear me from the house, and finally after connecting with the rooster with my foot a few times (not hard… and he was going to attack me so all you PETA people back off) he started to back off.  Between the beak and his spurs I was SO scared!  My throat is raw, and my heart was pounding.  Finally Picky Hubby came out thinking maybe something was attacking the chickens…. not the chickens attacking me!

Not THE Rooster...just another creepy one!

Needless to say that isn’t the rooster we are keeping… we are too chicken to butcher so I am not sure how we are going to thin them down.  Wish us luck!

Here is the smoothie in a bowl that helped soothe my raw throat!

In the mix:

  • 2 cups of Organic Baby Spinach
  • 1/4 c chocolate almond milk
  • 1c frozen summer fruit mix
  • 1 scoop choc. protein powder (promisil)
  • 1t chia seeds
  • Davinci sugar-free chocolate syrup
  • 1-2 c of ice
I added some Puffed cocoa quinoa on top… it was delicious!

I was a little afraid of the roosters on the bowl... ;)

Now to try and get caught up from holiday absence, and get a workout in at some point… or does a rooster sprint count?

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