Guess what I found the other day… FIGS!  Yay, I found some fresh ones at on our way home from holidays!
I love fresh figs in salads…
On Thursday I even had a fig salad for two meals!!  Above is Supper, below is Lunch…

Lunch Salad sans poulet!

In the salads I put some goat cheese, and pecans I candied quickly in a pan. After it was done I squeezed a quarter of a clementine on the salad in place of a dressing. Supper’s salad included a small chopped chicken breast.  Both were SO good!  Nice and Clean!
Recipe can be found here with the method I candied the pecans using Turbinado sugar.  
Sooooo easy, and not a big deal to do a single serving to toast frozen nuts to add to salads (I freeze my pecans since my Mother-in-law told me it keeps them fresher longer but they do not taste great added to salads or other foods raw from freezer IMO)
Breakfast today was a clean AB&J! Just Almond butter and fresh figs sliced on top of some Earth Grain’s Multigrain Thin Buns.

Figgy goodness!

This fall put a little Fig in your life…

Have you ever tried figs?  What did you think?  Do you prefer fresh or dried figs?


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  1. Figs just recently made their first appearance on my bloggie a few days ago :) Glad to see them over here too!
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted.."P" AfternoonMy Profile

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