Daily Archives: September 8, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in Take 2!


Okay… after getting the kids off to school and making myself go to the bathroom a few times, and massaging my swollen looking face in hopes of letting up some water weight… I did it.  I conquered my fears and stood on the scale.  …and Pfew… I am down 2.5lbs!!  YAY!!

This is the bane of my existance!

This morning’s breakfast was a green smoothie…

In the vitamix went:

  • 2 c of spinach
  • coffee
  • whole pitted-peach
  •  chia seeds
  • choc. protein powder (promisil)
  • Davinci sugar-free chocolate syrup
Well I am off to go paint, and relish in the fact I am back in the 180s… :)
Does your attitude change daily with what the scale says?  
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