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The past couple days have been consumed with housework, from hauling up concrete as my hubby makes a trench in our basement to put all our drain pipes in the ground, to going through our furnace/storage room.

So far I have found two rubbermaid containers of baby clothes…  and 3 Large rubbermaid containers of halloween stuff… WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF?!?!  sigh!

Have you ever watched the show Consumed, on HGTV?  It’s almost like it is a pre-hoarder show.  As much as I call myself a hoarder, I don’t have dead animals, and garbage everywhere and I do have a floor!! I would say I have two rooms that should be on consumed… they are “storage” rooms, but what are we storing it for?!?!  Why do I still have baby stuff? …skates and shoes that don’t fit us…

I am not sure I could do the one plate, one cup, one set of cutlery per person, and 10 non-essential items for the WHOLE family.  This includes computer, tv, camera, hair straighteners, or blow dryers, make-up… I alone would hog my families non-essential items to continue doing this blog!  Plus, they only allow one carry-on sized suitcase for all your clothes and shoes for the month per person…eek!   How many of you could do that?? 

If you are every looking for a couple great organizational blogs, here are a couple I go to…

One is by the author of Clutter Rehab:101 Tips and Tricks to Become an Organization Junkie and Love It!  Laura Whittman is a Canadian blogger, and Organizer. Her website is called, I’m an Organizing Junkie  she discusses everything from organizing your clutter to menu planning. It is a great resource for those needing some ideas to stop the clutter!

I also like this blog, Small Notebook  it is a great blog that sadly isn’t updated as often as I would like, but every post is full of a insight, or  a project.  She has great photos, and great ideas!  From editing your wardrobe to your finances… plus now she is renovating her house, and give some food for thought on what to change, and what to accept :)

As well we have spent some time at the new arena in town, as the grand opening was yesterday.  I flipped burgers for a few hours in the booth, and my son played his first shinny game in there.  Since I was in the booth, and Hubby is not the photo taking kind…  I have NO photos :(

Breakfast yesterday and today were two different breakfast sandwich variations…

Egg and Tomato on a Thin Bun

Grimm's Farmer's Turkey Sausage, egg, grilled tomato and cheddar on a Thin Bun

Lunch today was a wonderbar and some coffee… healthy I know 😉   Well I am off to sell some kids costumes online!

Could you give up all your stuff like on consumed for a month?  Live out of one little suitcase of clothing and shoes, without most of your stuff from garmins to make-up??


What COULDN’T you live without?? (comment below)

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