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Good Earth Tea

Oh, I have one more exciting thing that happened yesterday to share with you…


I got my first order from iherb.com! 


I had the best tea at a friend’s house just before Labour Day, and after trying it I was on a mission to find it.  It tasted and smelled like cinnamon hearts.  It was sweet without adding anything… perfection! Way easier to stay on track food-wise if I can get the sweetness in without adding any sugars!  After googling the tea I kept seeing this iherb website, and realized it is advertised on a blog I read. Heather Eats Almond Butter once investigating it, I felt safe ordering from there.  They even had expiration dates of each product on their description page.  If you are like me, I always seem to buy and stock up on stuff that is almost out-dated!!

They have a great selection of health foods and items, or organic home products as well as Justin’s nut butters! They have an incentive that if you click through someone’s link you get $5 off first order, and I happened to order during a Labour Day weekend sale and got an additional 10% off.  Additionally, if someone clicks through your link or uses your code, like I used Heather’s you can earn credit to the store.

They do not pay for advertising, and this is how they get the word out for the store.  Prices are on par and not jacked-up, and they ship to Canada!!  Shipping was very reasonable through DHL.  I got my order in a week, and because I ordered tea for myself and my friend, we shared the costs of these.  Even more reasonable!

Good Earth Tea

Good Earth Sweet & Spicy. At her house I had the Decaf, and fell in love with the sayings like on my Yogi Brand tea.

 What is it about fortunes, and little notes that just make a person smile?

If you want to check our iherb, click on the blue iherb box on the right of my blog.  It honestly has a lot of great products, and worth the time to take a little look.  My code is ULU148, however if you click on the linked box it is all done for you to get your $5 off your first order!

Do you tend to drink more tea in the fall/winter than spring/summer?

Disclaimer: I do not receive anything from iherb to review them, or Good Earth Tea.  I am just a consumer recommending to other consumers.  :)

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