Daily Archives: September 15, 2011

Renos and Oats

Don't mind that the blueberries are still frozen!

Today we are off to Edmonton to look at fridges, order tile, and hopefully pick a countertop!  Pretty exciting knowing we are finally making some decisions, and that MAYBE this house of renovations may one day soon come to an end, and just be a home!

Breakfast this morning was a Sweet and Spicy Tea for the road (Love this stuff)


This has to be the best saying on my tea yet!  I have to agree it is SO true, I just need to start following it!

… and some oatmeal with chia seeds, blueberries and some dark chocolate almond butter.

Don't mind that the blueberries are still frozen!

I have some veggies and hummus and some Wild roots trail mix packed for snacks…

…and we are off! May the decision making fairy be with me… well and let’s be honest, I hope the sale fairy is around today as well!

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