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Egg Hunt

Brrr… it’s beautiful but freezing out!

This morning Bubba and I were off  to check for eggs… He went out before me and saw a HUGE moose, unfortunately he and Buddy scared him off before I could snap a photo.  This is SO weird as Hubby woke us all up to warn us about Moose before he went off to work this morning! He said to stay clear of them as they tend to get more aggressive in the fall. Good to know!

Once we got brave enough to go back outside, we found another green egg!  It is pretty exciting still for us, but I look forward to when we start getting some “normal” coloured eggs as well.

I LOVE my new camera on manual mode!!

Here is our Buff Orpington roo… Before we got rid of that mean rooster he used to cower in the coop, and acted more like a hen than a rooster!   We were so proud of him crowing, and strutting his stuff this morning.

Plans for today include, sending Bubba off to a Birthday party after lunch… while Stinky and I are in search of a pumpkin spice donut recipe to share with you all later on today!  Enjoy your Saturday!

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