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Chicken Voyeur and a yogurt bowl…


Yesterday after work I came home and had some lunch, Sweet Potato tortilla chips, and salsa… I know not healthy, but it was quick and I was hungry!

After we went to town and switched over our vehicle registrations to be in both of our names, finally after  almost 12 years of owning a vehicle together, we came home I thought I would go and check if there was an egg yet today in the coop. I ended up coming across one of the hens and a rooster in the nesting box.  I scared them, and they scared me… I watched them run out of the coop, and then go back in right away.  Being that they only go in the nesting boxes to lay an egg, I decided to peep at them through the coop’s window.  I have to say, WOW… it was pretty amazing to see the effort a hen puts in to lay an egg that I so effortlessly crack into a cookie recipe, or hard-boil into an egg salad.

I love the range of colours!

Here is how it went down… First he went into the nesting box, and made some sounds for her to follow, I assume.  As that is what happened.  Once she was in it with him, she squeezed to the back, and laid there, turning, adjusting, making noises, for almost half an hour.  When it was almost time she almost vibrated made some gurgling noises, then got up and crouched, and plop, out came a perfect egg!  He stayed there the whole time keeping watch, and sheltering the hen.  It was so neat to watch, it was like they were a little married couple.  Once she laid the egg they became derelict parents and he bailed and she ran out of the coop right after him…

For Breakfast this morning I had a yogurt bowl…

Oops! I forgot sunflower butter before photo!

  • 0% greek yogurt (Liberte)
  • canned pumpkin puree
  • Barbara’s Puffins
  • chia seeds
  • part of a pumpkin pecan muffin
  • Sunflower butter
  • couple drops of vanilla stevia
Now I am off to cover at another school as they haven’t hired someone yet… sigh!
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