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Tea, Toast & Troweling


Still fighting a cough, and headcold… I decided it was time for tea and toast.  Not the Tetley I grew up with, but some Yogi Green Tea Kombucha.  The toast was not the usual either, I decided to steal the last everything bagel and toasted it up.  If it wasn’t for the strong garlic and onion flavour I would not have tasted anything! Despite the higher carb/calorie count I think it was a great choice, as my biggest fault in healthy eating is that if I don’t taste what I am expecting, or my taste isn’t satisfied I tend to keep eating. :(

Today’s Yogi Message was another good’er that I decided to share with your!  Do not mind the fact that my mug looks  a little obscene from this angle! Oops…

I love the inspiration Tea Messages!!

 Last night I brought the steps from THIS…

… to THIS…

Whoo Hoo! Half way done!

While I was doing this my youngest son, Stinky was chased by a rooster, and kicked at with the rooster’s spur.  As much as the green egg layer’s eggs are cool, their roosters are not, and we are done with them after this year.  We had been waiting on a phone call for the next butchering day.  We just rushed it last night.  We are now down to a friendly Buff Orpington rooster and 6 hens.

While they were trying to get the free-rangers back into their coop, Bubba was pooped on by a flock of geese that was flying overhead, on their way back south for the winter!  It was SO funny!  Luckily he didn’t get it in the face as he had been looking up checking them out!

Today’s plans involve taping a stone pattern, an troweling on the surface coating on the steps… wish me luck that it goes quickly and painlessly!  I need to be done in time for Stinky’s Hip Hop class tonight.

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