Vita-mix = LOVE

My favourite small kitchen appliance HAS to be my vitamix!

Since my adulthood I have had a couple different blenders and in the cabinets they sat collecting dust, till the one time I try and use it and they seem to smell like burning plastic, and do not blend as good as I had hoped…

Then one day I was googling alternative treats for my then milk allergy kid*, and alternative milks, and I came across an a couple of recipes using a Vitamix.  A little skeptical at first, then I googled them, and watched an online video for them… and after probably a month of humming-and-hawing… I took the very expensive plunge.  Not wanting my 4 year old to miss out on ice cream alternatives during the summer, the options of making our own ‘milks’, PLUS the lure of being able to make our own flour (we live on a grain farm) won me over!  I bought the Vita-mix Super 5000. It came with the 64oz wet, and 64oz dry containers, a whole foods recipe and information book.

I bought it back in 2007ish, and it is still going strong!  It did come with a 7 year warranty, and I have only used it to replace my wet container as it had a crack.  All it took was one phone call to Vitamix answered a few painless questions and in a week I had a new wet container!  Awesome customer service!

With it I have been making Smoothies… soups, slushies, and have even made a cheesy appetizers!

With the dry container I have been making Flours


I have since added to my Vita-mix line-up, this Spring, I was in Costco and saw a 32oz wet container. I had been coveting it from the site for awhile as it would be the perfect size for my morning smoothies but the $179(CAD) price tag was a little steep for convenience. However, At $80 less than the website price, I left Costco the proud new owner of a 32oz wet container! I have used it almost daily since!

I love that I can make soups that are really just vegetables, and a couple small cooked potatoes, with a little blending I have a creamy textured soup that satisfies my cravings without all the fat-ladened cream.

I love that I can hide tons of vegetables in spaghetti sauce, which I like referring to as my cleaning-out my fridge sauce.  I take all my veggies that are about to go bad, blend them up and no one is the wiser, and we have a few more nutrients in our sauce, and I am not wasting produce.

I know a Vita-mix is not for everyone… as the price makes it into a major appliance, and not a minor one.  There are however,  refurbished deals on their site, like now… or keep an eye out for the Costco deals when they have them in stock for demos.  Personally now that I have bit the bullet and have owned one, I am most likely a lifelong owner… as the benefits make the cost worth it.

If I didn’t use mine almost everyday it may be a different story…

What is your favourite small appliance?  or what appliance could you not live without?

*My son now is able to have milk products despite his positive allergy tests, and previous reactions… as he is now reaction free!  A specialist put him back on milk products after he became vitamin D deficient, and has been healthy for a long time now!  Whoo Hoo!

Disclaimer:  I have not received any compensation from Vitamix for this review. This review is just as a consumer, recommending to another consumer :)


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