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Renovation Update

Long time no post!  Life is still moving along too quickly without even any time to breathe it  seems these days.  I have not been keeping up to my own favourite blogs… Oh how I miss them!

A little update on our progress…

I have picked a diningroom/front door and windows…

I have spent the past month struggling to find a countertop I LOVE… well I did that immediately when choosing finishes, but the sticker price scared me away!  So instead I looked at these…

After a month of nothing jumping out at me, and everything being too pinky, greeny ect… The kitchen designer got on the phone and sourced me the quartz I liked for $2700 cheaper than the original quote.   It was a no-brainer… here is our palate.

Not sure why flooring sample looks so pinky here… it’s not :)

Quartz is on the wood perimeter cabinet sample, 2×4 tile is our onyx backsplash, cream coloured sample is our island sample.

My Kitchen Before…

This is a panarama I took using iphone… not perfect but gives you and idea of the before… Wall on far right has been removed and a header installed, as well as that small room like thing beside the buffet which was our old back entry that included a sink.

Closer look at the original cabinets…

…here is a look at one of the ways we are opening up the space…


Things are coming along, and I have just survived day 2 of having no oven or stovetop.  So far so good!

The lack of a sink in the basement so far is driving me a little nuts! If only the plumber would come by and actually hook up my waterlines… I would love to have my washing machine back, laundry sink installed, and have new bathroom we had roughed in as well, completed and functional!

Question: What is the biggest remodel you have lived through? Any tips??


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October Recap!

Life has been hectic to say the least…

In October, I…

  • Took Stinky to a hockey skill clinic
  • Bought Bubba a Polaris Rzr 170cc
  • Helped organize a hockey tournament for the Ladies team I play on. During that weekend, I stayed out too late, and played 3 games in less than 20 hours. Mental note, even though you are having fun, and think that closing down the bar dancing with friends is a good idea… it is not smart when you have back to back games starting at 9am.
  • I have enjoyed playing hockey this month!
  • I have been working A LOT for me… when I am used to working a couple days a week, spending that many days out of the house, and being SO off my routine… it was not great!
  • I enjoyed Halloween without over-indulging with the kiddos!

    My Trick or Treaters!

  • Oh, and I have planned and ordered a new kitchen!

You may be asking yourself, did I read that correctly?? Yes, I am getting a NEW kitchen!  I am pretty excited.  Not only are we putting in new cabinets, we are knocking out walls and opening up the space, and putting in WAY more cabinets than existing kitchen!  Plans include an island that is 8’9″ x 4′

The kitchen planning was a little stressful.  Well it has been for a little while, but originally we were just looking at replacing countertops, sinking a new fridge in a wall, and backsplash since we changed out the window.

However after much planning/thinking Picky Hubby decided we were not going to be happy unless we started from scratch and made the kitchen ours, with a layout WE wanted!  Appliances do not like cabinets from the 1950s that were custom-made. After phoning a couple of kitchen designers we decided on a company we liked right away after seeing their showroom, and visited with the designers.  After a week and a half going back and forth with our designer we completed our plans to our new kitchen.

I’m pretty excited!  So I am alive… no worries on that front…

…although I may be a little less sane than when October started!!

Teaser of some of the elements going into the kitchen are…

 So… despite my lack of blogging now, as the kitchen is done, I will want to show it off and share some recipes and will probably be over-blogging! :)
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