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Day 16: Meatless Monday Quinoa Pasta

Today I took out my new pasta roller that my Dad bought me for Christmas, and decided to finally break it in!

I used 2 cups of quinoa I had milled in my vitamix. Digging out the centre I made a little volcano, where I added two eggs, some olive oil, salt and lukewarm water in a little bowl ready to mix in…

After mixing in all the ingredients I made a couple of balls then wrapped them in plastic wrap. I let them set while I took my son to hockey practice.

Then came the tricky part…

I flattened out a dough ball with my hand, and tried to pass it through the machine on the first setting, but all I got was a crumbly mess… After a quick google search I found I needed to spray the dough with some lukewarm water to moisten it.  Seeing as though I didn’t have a spray bottle handy I just filled the little bowl I had used for the wet ingredients with the water, and dipped my finger tips in and spread.  It worked to moisten the dough, and all was good.

It took several tries to get a system that would work with the dough to make it sticky, but not too sticky, and not too crumbly.  Each piece of dough went though the machine a couple of times on 1 to get it smooth, each time folding it onto itself and feeding it back in. I added them to each other to make a bigger piece, and continued to feed, and fold the dough till I could move up to 2, then 4, where I stopped. Do NOT forget the folding feeding, or folding and re-rolling step if even if using a rolling pin. As when making pasta as this is the step that gives it it’s stretchy consistency, and makes it a nice noodle verse an egg noodle.

After I got it to the desired sized I moved on to another piece, and so on… till I had several quinoa pasta sheets…

By this point I had the pot of water boiling, and I was ready to cut it into thin slices… on my first batch, not thinking I could get it though the fettucini setting as it was still too crumbly I had cut it with a pizza cutter.  After figuring out a system to get nicer sheets, I braved the attachment. Which I am glad I did, as it turned out great!

Don’t mind all the crumbles at the bottom… I’m a newbie, and not someone’s awesome Italian Nona 😉

Here is my beautiful nest of noodles :)

After boiling, I topped it off with some of the yummy Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash sauce I picked up the last time I was at Costco… 

…and put a couple chopped up roasted brussel sprouts on the side.

It was delicious, filling, and full of vitamins and protein! …but not full of meat!

The recipe I used for the pasta was

The fact my kids had seconds… made me VERY happy!  It’s the little things, that make one happy… oh, well and my great new pasta rolling machine! Thanks again Dad, and Doris! <3 You!!

Have you ever made your own pasta?  Any good pasta recipes you would like to share?? Please share recipes or links in the comments below :)

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Day 15: A day of rest and Pax

Today we made pancakes for all the hooligans at our house, and allowed them to play and mess up our house, till one of their parents took them ALL swimming!

It was SOOOoooooo QUIET!  It was nice!

While we enjoyed our kid-free time, we continued to work on the Pax wardrobe going in our dining/entry area…

Photos of completed project will follow, once it is done :)

What made me happy?  The fact that we had left over butter chicken, basmati rice, and naan bread that I did NOT have to cook, and just sitting watching a movie with the family after supper, while Stinky quickly faded!

Excuse his messy face! He does have a napkin by his elbow he didn't think to use :P

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Day 14: A Day of Hockey…

Saturday was spent at the arena, enjoying moments like these

He did really well this weekend, and was 3 minutes from having a shut out in the last game!  Yes I probably jinxed him! 😉

In between great novice hockey moments I was given the privilege to cook up some burgers and help with the fryer… I know you all are jealous! lol

I partook in some sweets and french fries, and had a great bowl of home made clam chowder!

I also ended up with two extra kiddos for a sleepover tonight as well…

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Day 13

Wow… today I got my hair DID…

Sorry no photos 😛

For breakfast I had some non-photographed peanut butter on toast and a sip of coffee…


Combo tray with some soy sauce and wasabi, and the little packet of Ginger...


Venti Brewed Tazo Chai Tea Miso w/ Non-fat milk

Today we had to run to Edmonton, and do a few things, and pick up a new printer, and some doors for the reno…


Supper was a few snacks in the car. I also had a red wine with friends when we picked up the kids.  Not the greatest food day, I know!

What made me happy today… Just spending the day with Picky Hubby, as much as it was quick running around, it was ALMOST like a REAL date!  Plus the wine with friends!


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Day 12: Weekly Weigh In #1 of 2012

Well, it is time for another weekly Weigh-in…

It has only been 3 months since I last weighed in.. Eek!

Well I am up 2 lbs… weighing in at 193.5lbs

I have to say for 3 months of not paying attention, and without a kitchen, throw the Christmas holiday’s in there, that is pretty good!  In comparison to this time last year I was 199 so technically I am down! This  at least means I am on a downward trend in a year rather than up! Right?!  Maybe not as I saw low 170s on the scale last year…  SIGH! Shh… we wont talk about that!

Whichever way you put it, it is not healthy and I am doing something about it.

Anywhoo… for Breakfast this morning I had some oatmeal

In the bowl:

  • 1/3 c quick oats (3-5 min variety)
  • 2 drops Vanilla Stevia (Now! Brand)
  • 1 scoop chia seeds
  • 1/2 t Coco Loco coconut butter
  • 1 t Sunflower butter
It was nice and yummy with a Good Earth Sweet and Spicy decaf tea :)
I forgot how much I love that stuff!  If you want to read my review of the tea, click here.  I order it from  It’s a great site where they even put each item’s expiry date in the description! Click on the link on the side if you want to check it out!
Lunch was a lean cuisine panini thing…not the greatest, but when it is 3:30 and you still haven’t at lunch sometimes you aren’t too picky, even if your name is Picky Nikki!

Supper was quick… Throw most of it on a pan and bake!  My favourite type of meal when I do not feel like cooking!!

Alexia Sweet Potato Fries, Roasted Brussel Sprouts misted with olive oil with some Vegetable seasoning and sea salt on them…and a Bistro stuffed chicken breast from M&M Meats.  I had the Spinach Ricotta, which I think gave me an oral allergic reaction tonight :(

I know the Sweet Potato and Brussels are okay, so that just leaves the chicken to be the culprit.  I guess those are out of my personal menu now!  I am not sure what part did it, whether it is the seasonings on it, or the preservatives that may be added?  All I know is when I have to take a benedryl less that 5 minutes after a meal it’s not a repeater! Although, I have had those before?? Oh well… it could be worse! :)

For Exercise: I did a quick abs, and burpee circuit, which didn’t feel that great as I am still sore today. As well I had my daily Just Dance 3 session with my kids!  I love beating them, as sad as that sounds!  I guess it’s the competitive personality shining through! I missed bootcamp this afternoon due to a meeting, and the instructor offered me to make it up tonight at another session in a local town,   I wish I was able to swing going tonight, but it just wouldn’t work before supper, and the after supper one was out after I took benedryl. Maybe I can sneak in another session, another day if I ask nice? or BEG! 😉

Well I am off to bed… I just want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT TO LOUISE!  It’s her Birthday tomorrow, or by the time she reads this post… today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I hope you have a great day!  


One thing that made me happy today is I was able to talk to 3 out of 4 of my immediate family members today/night… that always makes me happy!  If phoned my brother I could have made it a perfect 5! (Well… since we all know I talk to myself…)

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Day 11


I worked this morning, and was in a hurry… so a smoothie to go, and a 1/4 c of Wildroots Trail Mix for snack

In the smoothie:

  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • 1/4 of Pomegranate’s seeds
  • 1c of summer fruit mix
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 1 scoop Promisil Chocolate Protein powder
  • splash of skim milk as it was too thick!

  • Lunch

Our cabinet installers were here and kind of gave us the hint to go out and have lunch, as we were in their way after work…

So off to the Deli we went!

Chef Salad minus the ham and turkey, substituted half a chicken breast with cajun seasoning, with Thousand Island dressing on the side.  (I had already ate a couple of the cukes before taking photo, Oops!)

I am happy I am sore today, as it means I have been working out!  Thanks Laura… although being able to put my coat on is normally at good thing, right??




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Post- Bootcamp

Well I survived… my first Boot Camp Class with Laura!

To keep me accountable here were my fitness stats today:

  • Wall Squat 1 min (it is what she wanted us to be able to try for… I held on NO longer than I had to!)
  • Holding a Plank 1min (I did this one pretty easily full arms and toes, I know I can improve it!)
  • # of Pushups in 1 min = 30 (I made sure I did with as much correct posture as I could muster… on toes)
  • # of Crunches in 1 min= 41 (I did these with the conscious effort to hold the crunch in the middle and   controlled my core the whole time)
We didn’t have to do the 1 mile run due to the winter windstorm that was going on outside.  Thank goodness!
I didn’t know I was THAT out of shape… well I knew, it was just hard demonstrating it to everyone watching! lol
In addition to the great class Laura sent us home with some Canada Food Guide nutritional materials…
If you are in Central Alberta look up Total Body Fitness, Laura Bothe is a great instructor and travels to several smaller towns to teach classes.  As well she does at home personal training. On her personal Blog she is doing a 365 days of Motivational Quotes this year!  Check her out, if your anything like me, the more motivation to get me moving and living healthier the better!!
Lunch was quick!
  • Half a Thin Bun with some spinach, salmon and Frank’s Red Hot (I later had the other half)
  • 1/2 c Seaweed salad
  • 6 cherries

If I would have to pinpoint one happy point in my day I would have to say the fact I WENT and finished a boot camp class…

Otherwise, I had a great day with Picky Hubby working on renos, found out that the cabinet finish will be warrantied (most likely) enjoyed eating at the island with our 4th new stool that finally arrived today, and I finally got a box mailed containing Christmas/ Birthday presents to some family! (No worries not kid presents!!)  Yes I know SAD!!

Oh, and I schooled Bubba in Just Dance 3! :)

Oh, FYI my families stats for a wall squat…

Picky Hubby= 34 sec

Bubba=1:01min (after doing just 55 sec and realizing I beat him he had to redo it! lol)

Stinky= 24 sec

Oh, and my second attempt post bootcamp, 7 sec, as I had no ambition to do anymore!

Have you ever went to bootcamp? What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below…


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Pre- Bootcamp


Breakfast today was another egg bowl

In the bowl:

  • 1 whole egg
  • 2 egg whites
  • handful of baby spinach
  • 3 tablespoons of homemade salsa

On the side I had a ONE coconut water with a splash of Guava.  It is probably one of my favourite coconut water combinations, I love the refreshing taste of the guava with the coconut water.


Today I start bootcamp :(  I am SOOOOOooooo worried Laura is going to bring me to the point of tears!  She is a coworker, and I am sure there will be NO MERCY! lol

I am all packed up... and waiting on Allyson to come and get me! Buddy system to get me out the door!


Before I headed out I had a handful of trail mix…

Wish me luck!


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Day 9

Today is a work day, and despite being in  a rush I was able to quickly make this breakfast to keep me full of energy for my day!

In the bowl:

  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 egg white
  • 1oz chicken breast (home roasted)
  • handful of spinach

Later in the morning Picky Hubby delivered me some of the left over smoothie from the weekend to work.  I just had him add some ice and some more spinach as there wasn’t much left. I would have brought it myself but our ice maker had been turned off and of course you do not realize it, till you need some! Sorry no photo 😛

I snacked on 1/4 of a Pomegranate at school, then grazed the rest of the day…

I could tell you I ate some of the chicken cold from the fridge, and I did steal a chocolate (or two) from the pantry… otherwise I am blanking on what I ate.

As for what made me happy today, hrmm… I liked watching Stinky practice and the improvements he is making!

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Day 8: Allergies and Flowers


Today, I was supposed to play hockey, but I have been having some allergy symptoms again. I have some food allergies, but these were not to my known allergy foods, and would be after I drank or ate.

I am sticking with only known foods and drinks that I know I can handle tomorrow and eliminating diet pop, as I drank more than normal this weekend, and I think it was aggravating things.

I may be starting to food journal on here, or on My Fitness Pal to keep better track of what I am eating. For health reasons and to try and figure out what might be the trigger. Now I have a reason to kick start eating clean again!

As for what made me happy?? Well it really started making me happy on Friday, but here it is…

Thank you Picky Hubby for the flowers for no reason to brighten my day! Delivery ones, while he was at work to boot!
I guess I will keep him 😉

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