Day 6: TV

What are your “family’s” favourite shows on tv?

We have different shows that we watch.  Some we watch together…

It is SO funny, and never ceases to get a laugh out of each of us.  We PVR it every week, and try to have a family supper in front of the tv to watch it whenever we can fit it into our schedule.  It is an unspoken rule that you cannot watch it without the others!

I absolutely love this show… We don’t usually let Stinky watch it, but Bubba is allowed to occasionally watch it with us.

I like a lot of random hour long dramas that I tend to PVR and store them up and fast forward through the commercials.  Random thought: do you think the first and the last commercial during a commercial break are the most expensive now?? Since so many of us just zip through them, but I always have issues with timing to stop the fast forward, and tend to see those items the most 😛

On my automatic PVR list…

 It is normally a Friday morning watch once the kids are off to school.  I like to fold laundry while watching. Hubby doesn’t enjoy it, so if he is off, I save them up 😉

Grey’s is one of those shows that has the ability to make me cry… I am not a crier, but last episode for example made me cry sad, then happy tears…

 I love watching the Upper East Side Elite :)

 I am living through my youth again with a new generation…

I tend to forget about this one, and end up watching it by the season after the fact, as we do not get ABC Family here.  It is however shown on Much Music these days and I do try and PVR it instead of watching on Megavideo…

and  this one I have only seen online…

This is a new favourite… my babysitter got me watching this one, and now I am hooked!  I had to get caught up last year but enjoyed watching the back to back episodes!

 Yes, I like to pretend I am a teenager 😛 I Really want to know who A is!

For personal shows there is not much more I follow… I am not into daytime TV, believe me I used to be when my Bubba was a baby.  I just don’t have time to get caught up in any of it anymore.

I just tape  and say I will only watch it if I am working out during… so I tend to be a season behind *shame*

I love

but once again, I tend to watch it online… this season break has been a long one!  A year!

And I love this show, but tend to watch it on Netflix as the seasons are at weird times of the year and I forget about it.  Laura Linney is amazing, and the writers know how to make you laugh and cry and get caught up in all the characters.  The last cliffhanger has me anxiously waiting for Season 3!

You must think I watch TV all day long when I am home, but really I don’t even turn it on.  The Satellite radio is usually on, and I am more apt to be on the computer than watch TV. 😉

My kids love discovery and OLN… but These are Bubba’s favourites…

  He is always interested in how much things are worth now!

Is a Family Favourite too, although Bubba owns many of the shows and watches them repeatedly on his ipod!

Stinky still loves his Family Channel shows…

Picky Hubby watches Modern Family with us, and the Middle.

But… Big Bang Theory is probably his favourite! I like it too and is something he seeks out on the PVR list, but once again the first time we watch an episode we wait for both of us to be home. It usually ends up being a quick lunch TV date when he is off and I am either done work for the day or it is my day off.  He honestly doesn’t know how to use the PVR to tape a show… so he is kind of stuck with what I PVR, or find something on.  I am sure he doesn’t want me saying that, but hey, he doesn’t come on my blog so he has no idea that I told you that… —It’s all good! Plus he never has time to watch TV, unless his eyes are closed…

If you want more info on any of the shows we like click on the photo, and it will bring you to the network’s website.

 ***Vancouver Canuck games are often on our tv as well… however due to lovely blackouts of regions we do not get many of them***

These are some of the shows that make me and the Picky Family Happy… What’s your favourite show? Share in the Comments Below :)

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