What I’ve been Eating…

This is a recap of some of the foods that made the iphone photo library (lesser quality photos, sorry!) while healing from my surgery.  Don’t mind my green blankie in the photos, I have ate almost all my meals on the couch lately– ahh…the life of a gimpy recluse!

These clean eats have helped me lose another 4.5 pounds while sitting on my bum resting!  Not bad… I tell you… not bad! :)

Quinoa pancakes topped with almond butter and mixed berries… who needs syrup?? 😉

Candida yeast-free Kinnikinnick Bread topped with Crunch Sunflower butter and some strawberry chia jam! My new favourite breakfast!!

Veggie Omelette one whole egg and 3 whites, from my free range hens! :)

Coconut & Almond crusted Tilapia with side salad and some jalapeno greek yogurt

Mexican pulled chicken with blackbeans, & coleslaw on a brown rice wrap with a side of veggies :)

yummy protein/veggies lunch! with a side of hummus

Treat supper of Beanitos tortillas with my homemade salsa, pureed avocado and jalapeno greek yogurt, YUM!

Other than this there has been a lot of fish, and chicken with green salads, and the occasional sweet potato, or sweet potato fries. I love that I am on Phase 2 now and am allowed sweet potatoes again!!

Now I am off to do round two of my physio exercises,

  • 10 minutes on the bike rotating back and forth, back and forth as far as I can manage
  • 10 minutes of reformer squats
  • 10 sets of 10 seconds straightening with resistance band w/ 10 seconds of rest
  • 10 leg raises
  • 10 heel slides

I hope soon my knee will be a perfect 10!

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