I made it! Pfew!

I am officially on the Life Phase of the Elimination diet!  I just realized I could’ve transition this past Monday!  I thought I would have been crossing off the calendar eager to add some more foods back into my diet! The past 6 weeks have went by VERY quickly, and I didn’t even realize how many weeks it had been until I was counting them up to answer someone’s message at The Kitchen Table, www.eatcleandiet.com Strange how a plan can actually grow on you, and you forget you are “doing’ it… well, you forget until you go out to a restaurant and it is hard to navigate a vague menu! 😉


Now I just have to keep myself as much on track as possible without going crazy.  If you have any yeast-free/ sugar-free bread recipes please share!  Bonus points if they are gluten-free as well!

I plan on seeing the Naturopath again at the end of June, and I hope to be able to report better blood test results!

Have a great week!  XO


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