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Spinach Cubed

Ever have great intentions to eat healthy and buy a bunch of spinach for smoothies?

…only to have it turn into a bag of slimy green mush?

*sheepishly raising my hand* 😀

Recently I decided I should start eating healthier again, and with the school year starting I tend to drink more smoothies. They are great to bring to work to have as a breakfast/snack as I then am not eating with my hands which helps to avoid any cross contamination allergic reaction.

Only I bought a HUGE bag of spinach, and there it sat for the last week… slowly turning.

I needed to save it so I didn’t waste anymore produce!

Out came the strainer and I washed and dried it separating the few already mushy leaves out.  Chopped it into smaller pieces and squished it into ice cube trays making sure to compress them.   I popped them into the freezer for a few hours till they were frozen :)


A quick twist of the ice cube tray and out they pop! 20120905-190528.jpg

Handy little serving sizes… I can easily throw 1, 2, or 3 into a blender!


Into a freezer ziplock bag…


…and into the freezer for the next time a smoothie craving hits!


This is great as I can now buy organic spinach when it goes on sale and feel good about the fact I will not let it go to waste! It takes a bit of prep but if I added up how much money in spinach I have given to our chickens or to the compost pile I may be a bit embarrassed!

Which is great as I am trying to follow a thriftier un-wasteful lifestyle

….like I’ve read about on the blog, Small Notebook.

I really wanted to do a No Spend Month, but with our sport activities, and fees that go along with them AND back-to-school, I wasn’t sure when I could ever find a month that didn’t have a lot of financial commitments.

So instead I am trying to be more mindful of my spending, and use up items I have already purchased in my crazy overfull freezer/ cold room /pantry storage this month!  Plus, I am trying to follow some of her other ideas, to clear the clutter and simplify my life.  Wish me luck! *I may need it!!*

So I guess I will call this month, Mindful Spending September…

Have you every tried a NO SPEND MONTH??  How did it go??


Big BTS Burger!

Sadly, the summer is over again! I had been back already for a couple professional development days but now it’s time for the kids to go back…. :'(

I love how it looks like the kids are walking to the sun.

…and they’re off!

Since I do not start working with my student for at least a week I thought I would take advantage of my kid-free day to surprise them with a special back to school supper!
Mixing some bread dough, notice the dough is white…

Look away if you are looking for a healthy eating option as this is not a healthy supper idea!!

Considering the idea is from Man VS Food you will see why!
9″ burger bun cooked in a cake pan.

I just used a very simple Amish white bread recipe for the bun found here.
5lbs of extra lean ground beef seasoned with chopped onions, BBQ sauce, a couple of eggs and some oats as a filler went into the two 9″ pans.
Onto the burger to keep it a little generic I only put BBQ sauce on the bun. If someone wanted a specific condiment it could be added at the table. :) One more patty to go!

Here it is in all it’s burger glory next to a pop can as a size reference…
Don’t worry no one will attempt to eat this on their own… 😉
“Is it supper yet?!?!”

The Big BTS Burger was a hit!

…hopefully it’s still a hit tomorrow as they are having it for leftovers!!!

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