Keep Calm and Carry On…

Life has been busy… REALLY busy since school started.

Stinky, my youngest has always been involved in a lot of activities, Bubba, not so much. This year, he has finally come out of his shell. It’s great!

It however adds more mileage to my odometer that I am now running with 2 kids instead of one. 😉

So this weekend when I had 5:30am wake up calls, packing lunches and driving here or there in the snow, it really didn’t feel like the weekend!

However knowing Bubba fulfilled a big dream of his to start him on his way of refereeing the big leagues…

… And Stinky looks so handsome when he is off to his hockey game!


It’s the little things that make it all worth it! So when I am sleep deprived, or wishing a cleaning fairy had showed up while I was out running kids this weekend…

… I just need to breathe deep, take a minute, and relax after they get on the bus… And have my coffee. :)

All the rest can wait…

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