Happy New Year!

Wow, another year has went by, and I failed terribly at my last year’s resolutions

This year I am not making any official resolutions.  I know I want to move more, eat better, spend more time with my family, ect… I don’t need to declare it I just need to do it, and if I am not successful– to keep trying.

One thing I did get to help me get a little more motivated to move  was a Nike Fuel Band.

Today is my first day wearing it as it took forever to come in the mail over the holidays, and by the time it arrived I realized I had made a mistake in ordering the white ice, and needed to exchange it at the store.  Only to find when I was staying up in Edmonton I needed my computer to set it up, which I failed to bring, as I was sporting my new ipad mini that was lighter and much more convenient for hotel use! 😉  If any readers out there are using one as well maybe we can set up a challenge?

Start of the day... hope I can get at least 100x that!

I am curious if it will make me move more??  I had a bodybugg back in the day and it was great except that the food logins were painful, and I always used MFP.  They did not sync together until recently and I am DONE paying for a subscription to use something I had to pay a lot of $$ for in the first place!

As well I switched up my smoothies… I am not fully on the clean eating bandwagon right now, but I wanted my meal replacement shakes at least to be.  I try and take one to work as my breakfast/snack due to my allergies and little children with poor eating/washing skills…After buying a Vega One in Vanilla and enjoying it, I phoned Vega and asked them about the other flavours of Vega One if they contained any Bananas, Walnuts, or Hazelnuts (My allergy foods)  They took my name and phoned me back within an hour and told me that no they do not contain those ingredients they are however processed at a facility that may have other items that could contain them.  They were great about explaining why they do not like to make the completely safe from those allergen claims, and offered to send me some samples before I plunked down the huge chunk of cash for the large tubs.  I said sure, gave them my address and waited.  I didn’t have to wait long!!

I received a box of samples two days later!  They outdid themselves, they even included a blender cup! I would recommend them due to their customer service alone.

Thanks Vega!!

So far I have had the Chocolate & Vanilla Chai samples and have decided to order the full sized version from www.iherb.com as their price was better and there were a few more items I needed from there.

Well I am off… My Nike Fuel Points aren’t going to amount on their own while I am sitting here!

Did you make and New Year’s Resolutions? If so, share in the comments below….

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