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Betting on My Health…

I haven’t been blogging for some time.

There are several reasons…

  • I had fallen miserably off the health and fitness wagon, and gained back 25+ lbs since last Spring
  • I found myself terribly busy this past fall/winter, and was running kids here, there and everywhere.
  • I found myself not caring, call it winter blues, or seasonal depression, whatever it was– it wasn’t helping with any motivation to take care of myself.

I am not re-dedicating myself to blogging daily or weekly, or making false promises to… I am just excited that I finally found some motivation to get my butt in gear and wanted to share.   I am betting on my health!

I am not a gambler, but after seeing Beth tweet about her dietbet game she was hosting last month I was intrigued. Being it was after the start date, and my less than stellar eating and working out habits at that time, I decided to pass. This month, I tweet’d her to ask if she was going to host a new challenge as I NEEDED some sort of motivation.  Thankfully she agreed!  After signing up for that game, I impulsively joined two more games, thinking if I put more money out there I will WANT to get it back… Ack!

I promise to post the results of the game and what the pots ended up being, plus the payout totals… as I WILL be a winner!! Must think positive!! 😉

DietBet – Have Fun. Lose Weight. Make Money! from DietBet on Vimeo.

Here is a little information about how Dietbet works:

You sign up for a game placing a predetermined bet to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days.  Beth’s for example cost $25 US to join. Dietbet collects the money from all the participants and holds it until the 28 day game is over.  To start the challenge dietbet sends you an email 2 days before the challenge containing a word you need to write on an index card and include it in two photos of you weighing in.  One full body photo of you wearing airport security-type clothing, and one of you weighing in on the scale with the index card showing your word in it.  They will verify your picture as being authentic before you can be a part of the contest.

After that you can weigh in as often or as little as you want until the final weigh-in. If you are a winner (anyone who succeeds in losing 4% of their weight) you will need to take new photos of you weighing in that they compare to the first ones to determine authenticity of the final weigh-in.  If there are any discrepancies on your final weigh-in they state a live video weigh-in may be requested.  All very reasonable I think. The pot is then split among the “winners.”  Dietbet does keep a percentage of the pot and it is determined by the set initial bet cost.

I think it is really cool that you can bet on your commitment to succeed. As well if you like you can play for a charity and donate your winnings, or even a percentage of your winnings.  I love the concept and wish I would have thought of it!

Find the app on itunes here. The android app is in the works.  However you do not need an iPhone, iPod or iPad to play, just log into to find out more.

FYI: I am not affiliated with Dietbet in any way, I will not profit off anyone joining a game from my links.

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