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1st Blog-a-versary!

Wow! I can’t believe it has been a year since starting my blog!

It hasn’t changed to much with the exception that I never seem to write anymore!! Which is kind of sad! Especially since I finally own www.pickynikki.com as of yesterday!( I scored it using GoDaddy.com’s backorder and auction service )

I am trying to figure out how I want this blog to evolve while fitting into my life without overtaking it, or neglecting it!

‘Till then I will sit on the almost finished deck drinking coffee listening to the birds!


I hope your having a great summer too!!

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Day 1 of 365 Days of Happiness


As I posted here, I am going to write every day something that makes me happy.  I feel maybe it will help remind me of all the great things I have going on in my life, and to stop and appreciate them.

Today I am happy I have the amazing family I have created…

Today more than ever I am reminded to be happy about them as it’s my 12th Wedding anniversary today!

I know cheezy, married the first day of the new Millennium… It’s easy to remember the years and date though 😛

Even though we have had our ups and our downs throughout the past 12 years I am happy they are with me along for the ride of “life”

Have a Happy New Year!

What are you happy about today?  Any resolutions you would like to share? — Leave a Comment Below :)


12 years of Friendship and Fish!

Today was the 12th Anniversary of when Hubby and I met… I had kind of forgot, till he said he arranged for my Mom to watch the kiddos and he was taking me out for lunch.  The wheels started turning then, and I figured it out 😛  I am SO not a girl when it comes to those things!

Small waterfall on the way to restaurant

The restaurant we went to is in Kitamaat Village just outside of the town I am from… gorgeous views of the ocean from the tables.  If you are ever out this way check out SeaMasters!

Huge Halibut burger!!


I had a Halibut burger!  YUM!  with some Lemon Thriller tea and a side ceasar salad.

Tea to warm me up!

Hubby had a seafood platter, with halibut, clam strips, split prawns and calamari, with some Boston Clam chowder as his side.

Holy Fried Seafood!

While we dined we got to look at THIS!  I miss living by the water…

View from Table :)

This guy dined just outside the restaurant on some fish as well!


While we were out, my Mom and Thing 1 set out to cook their annual Salmon Dinner.  Every year they go through her recipe books and find an idea, and as my Mom would say, Create!

Thing 1 and Mom set the table...

After scraping scales, and cutting the slippery salmon into steaks, they marinated it in a cajun style sauce, and used her fresh herbs from the garden.  (I am not privy to the recipe, but all I can say it was amazing!)

A Fish Feast!

After supper I had a great visit with my aunt and uncle who actually introduced my hubby and I.  They had their little grand-daughter with them, and oh, I wish I could have stole her!  She is such a cute and sassy two year old!

Wow… it was a great day!  I love fresh fish, but I love friends and family more!

What’s your favourite fish to eat?



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