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From PG to Kitimat :)

Yesterday was day 2 of driving… Shorter drive than the first day,but LONG nonetheless!

Breakfast was a 1/2 hot chocolate 1/2 coffee and a Tim Horton’s plain oatmeal to go, that I fixed up a little :)

So much better now!

The addition of Chia Seeds, Blueberries, and Marantha Chocolate Almond butter made it delicious!

Lunch was a slice of left over Tropical Chicken Pizza from our Boston Pizza Hotel Delivery last night… no worries as it was stored in a cooler :)

Thing 2 w/ World's Largest Fly Fishing Rod


We ate it at a little Park in Houston, BC where we saw the world’s largest Fly Fishing Rod!

1/2 PB Lara Bar for a snack

Started it... but realized it wasn't what I wanted...

Thing 1 and Me!

Finally we arrived in Kitimat, after stopping and purchasing a new camera for me in Terrace.  I am the proud owner of a Nikon D7000 now! I bought an 18-200 VR lens with it, so I could have a “do it all” lens for my everyday :)  I can’t wait to check out all it can do!  (Thankfully I have a photographer for a friend who reads this…and promises to help me figure stuff out on it.) I probably should have bought it in AB as I had to pay HST… but since I got out-voted in waiting till stores open in Edmonton on Friday, and I wanted the larger zoom for this trip… the monetary difference is worth it.

Supper was a Mexican Night with my Mom, Sister, Her BF, Hubby and my kiddos…

I made mine into a salad so I could get the most toppings, and lettuce… YUM! This maybe made up for the Beer Margarita I had 😉

What’s the craziest “World’s Largest” thing you have seen on your travels?




Fruit Truck!

This morning we ran and did some errands in town, and since it was Tuesday we got to go and buy fruit from the fruit truck.  YAY! My kids are always excited to pick out fruit especially after sampling it’s yummy goodness!


Fruit Truck Cherries from BC

BC Berries!

Which berries should we choose?

Below are some pictures of our “Picked” Fruit Bounty! The blueberries were an impulse buy…:)


First BC Peaches of the Season :)


BC Blueberries

Strawberry basket

Alberta Tomatoes



We Love when the fruit truck comes to town once a week, however I am sure my wallet will love when summer is over and we aren’t buying premium priced fruit! lol We spent over $30 :( Oh, well a bag of chips costs how much?

I’ll take these instead any day!

Which one would you Pick?



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