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Ack… I need Sleep!!

My internal clock is all messed up lately! I am not the only one in my household to be all messed up though… beside me on the sofa is my youngest kiddo. Sigh! –He actually is cuddling a stuffed Build-a-Bear Monkey, but you get the idea 😉

I am not sure if it is because my husband works shift work, or because I am thinking too much, but sleep has been eluding me most days lately, unless I am sleeping 😉  I find it catches up with me, then I sleep 12 hours… crazy! I don’t work in the summer, and because of this summertime throws me for a loop, as I don’t “have” to be anywhere, and my kids are now at a point that they together can get a bowl of cereal before I drag my lazy butt out of bed

I have to be up by 8am to phone for U/S appt… Doctor’s appt went well, but LONG!! I was there for 2 hours!  That is crazy, plus, I have NEVER had a Dr ask me questions, AFTER they have me undress. It was an hour of questions and interrogations buck naked under a thin white sheet!  Then she tells me to get dressed, and stays in the room while I do.  Strange!!  (I think this is why I like boy Docs better… they they respect your privacy when they don’t have to actively violate your personal space, and they leave the room so you can dress!)

So… I better get my butt to bed just in case I actually want to do anything productive tomorrow, even if it means dragging a little one in with me! He decided to fall asleep before supper, and woke up at midnight and has done nothing but eat since!  Thank goodness he isn’t a gremlin otherwise I would have a slimy cocoon in my bed in the morning 😉

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Should Have Ate My Apples…

…as the old saying goes, An apple a day keeps the Doctor away…sigh!

I have been putting off having a physical for sometime now, to the point the new Dr who took over for mine, put a note in my chart that they will not fax a Rx refill unless I get one done first!

So today off to the doctor I go:( 

Today I started the day off with An Iced Coffee with some Silk True Almond Original and a shot of Sugar-free Davinci Chocolate Syrup.

With a  toasted Earth Grains Bun with Marantha Almond Butter, Sliced Strawberries, and a heavy sprinkling of Chia seeds under and over the Strawberries. On the side I had some amazing Rainier Cherries!  Oh how I love Cherries :) Total Calories 212

I have been logging my calories at www.myfitnesspal.com for, wow, uhmm… 5 months now!!  I find it easy to use, and it has a great community there, and best of all it is FREE!  I have dropped from 199lbs to 173 using their site, however, due to some recent laziness, some fighting with my thyroid meds, and eating crap foods, I am back up to 180.5 :( Sigh… Which is part of the reason I wanted to start this Open journey with all of you!

Well I am off to drop the picky kiddos off at the swimming pool for an afternoon swim, then I am off to the dun, dun, dun… eek, Doctors!



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