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Extra Kid=Supper Plan B


Today I had a late breakfast, so my lunch was late too!  I had to go and paint trim for my son’s dance club, with another mother, so once I was done, I was starving!

For Lunch I looked in the fridge, and grabbed a few things I thought would make me a great sandwich!

Hummus, cucumber, tomato, Edam cheese, and an Earth Grain Thin Bun

On the side I had half an apple sliced with a teaspoon of Sunflower Butter to dip! :)

My plans of having the left over chicken and gnocchi soup I made last night for supper went out the window.  Plans had to change when I went to pick up Aidan, and ended up bringing another kid home with me! So I quickly whipped up some power pizza crust, and made a large pepperoni pizza for the kids and hubby, and a different one for me… It actually worked out well, as when I asked on Myfitnesspal.com about what people’s favourite things to do with figs, and someone mentioned pizza and I wanted to try it!

On my pizza I started with a whole wheat and flax flour crust. For a sauce I used a pumpkin puree topped with baby spinach, half a baked chicken breast, some goat cheese, topped with a couple sliced figs!

It was good… in the future I think a sprinkling of nuts, and some spices in the pumpkin puree to make it less sweet and more savoury would bring it to the point of serving it to someone else as a masterpiece! However, tonight I was going for quick and easy! This was just what I was looking for.  On the side I had some naked Spring Mix greens and a glass of water.

Off on the bike I go to read a little of The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.  I am trying only to read it when I exercise, in hopes that I will get my butt in gear to get the opportunity to read it, as it has me sucked right in!


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Guess what I found the other day… FIGS!  Yay, I found some fresh ones at on our way home from holidays!
I love fresh figs in salads…
On Thursday I even had a fig salad for two meals!!  Above is Supper, below is Lunch…

Lunch Salad sans poulet!

In the salads I put some goat cheese, and pecans I candied quickly in a pan. After it was done I squeezed a quarter of a clementine on the salad in place of a dressing. Supper’s salad included a small chopped chicken breast.  Both were SO good!  Nice and Clean!
Recipe can be found here with the method I candied the pecans using Turbinado sugar.  
Sooooo easy, and not a big deal to do a single serving to toast frozen nuts to add to salads (I freeze my pecans since my Mother-in-law told me it keeps them fresher longer but they do not taste great added to salads or other foods raw from freezer IMO)
Breakfast today was a clean AB&J! Just Almond butter and fresh figs sliced on top of some Earth Grain’s Multigrain Thin Buns.

Figgy goodness!

This fall put a little Fig in your life…

Have you ever tried figs?  What did you think?  Do you prefer fresh or dried figs?


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