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I’m back! + hockey camp recap

I like his better! :)

All set for first time on ice as a goalie this year!

After Day 2 of Hockey camp, we decided very last minute to throw some stuff in our trailer and bring it out to the town Hockey camp was in.  The 45min drive was not that far away, but with a long day on the ice, and having to make sure you left time to pick up other kids we were carpooling with, I was getting grouchy, and exhausted.  My son wasn’t making it home awake!

I know I neglected the blog, and I could have taking photos on my Blackberry, and posted basic posts with my wordpress app, but honestly after we started camping there, I made overnight oats once, and thin buns with some nut and coconut butter on it. However due to quick planning, and not a lot of extra time in a day we ate out the rest, from subway, to Boston Pizza.  Supplemented with fruit and veggies from the trailer, and the arena. Thing Two was in the Camp’s lunch program so we didn’t have to worry about him.

Game on Saturday

As much as it was exhausting, I enjoyed it.  I loved watching Thing Two do his thing, as he tried out being a goalie in earnest. His first scrimmage was hard on me.  I wasn’t sure how I would react to him being goalie, and how do you cheer?  We made it, well after a quick bathroom break 5 minutes in, eek!  But out again he went, and he LOVED It! Sigh… have you ever looked at the price of goalie equipment? or ever heard people blame the goalie for losing? 

We went to Black Elk Hockey camp, if anyone is wondering.  They have an organized set-up that ends up working nicely.  A few things didn’t make sense to me at the beginning, but once it got going I was very appreciative of the great coaching staff!  They were all awesome with the kids, and I know my son learned a lot!

Wow, she is a long post today!  Now for the eats…

Today’s breakfast was courtesy of Hubby, he is our pancake guru now (a job I happily passed on to him as it allows me to stay in bed a little longer…)


Hubby displaying his pancake bounty he made

Yah... that sense of humour is why I married him!

He is SO funny! 😛 I said I wanted one more photo so this is what he gave me… lol

Berries on the Table to add to Pancakes...

I topped my pancakes with a little almond butter, chocolate coconut butter, and chia seeds with some Berries on the side.

My breakfast minus the slice of bacon and few Raspberries I snagged later...

Thing Two wanted his Pancakes photographed as well…

I like his better! :)

Well I am off to try and accomplish SOMETHING on my to do list… 

So much to do… so little time!

hockey camp day 1

Thing Two dragging his HUGE bag into arena

Thing Two dragging his HUGE bag into arena

Hockey camp… Sigh! Early mornings, tired cranky kids, sleep deprived parents!
It is crazy that I plan on spending a week in an arena in the summer, but I love my son! …and he loves hockey. We don’t have dreams of him playing in the NHL, neither does he for the most part.

At least I brought a smoothie! Yum!

Smoothie at the arena :)

Smoothie at the arena :)

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