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Big BTS Burger!

Sadly, the summer is over again! I had been back already for a couple professional development days but now it’s time for the kids to go back…. :'(

I love how it looks like the kids are walking to the sun.

…and they’re off!

Since I do not start working with my student for at least a week I thought I would take advantage of my kid-free day to surprise them with a special back to school supper!
Mixing some bread dough, notice the dough is white…

Look away if you are looking for a healthy eating option as this is not a healthy supper idea!!

Considering the idea is from Man VS Food you will see why!
9″ burger bun cooked in a cake pan.

I just used a very simple Amish white bread recipe for the bun found here.
5lbs of extra lean ground beef seasoned with chopped onions, BBQ sauce, a couple of eggs and some oats as a filler went into the two 9″ pans.
Onto the burger to keep it a little generic I only put BBQ sauce on the bun. If someone wanted a specific condiment it could be added at the table. :) One more patty to go!

Here it is in all it’s burger glory next to a pop can as a size reference…
Don’t worry no one will attempt to eat this on their own… 😉
“Is it supper yet?!?!”

The Big BTS Burger was a hit!

…hopefully it’s still a hit tomorrow as they are having it for leftovers!!!

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Belated Weekly Weigh-in…

This is the bane of my existance!

Well yesterday was my weekly weigh-in, but since we were in a rush to get off to the city, I forgot!  Today I braved the scale, and despite my fears I was down half a pound!  Whoo Hoo!  I know it might not seem like much, but when I spent a summer moving up in numbers two weeks slowly moving down makes me happy!

I am sure if I didn’t eat out lunch twice this week with co-workers, and avoided the maple cinnamon french toast bagel from Tim Horton’s yesterday it would have been better!!

Oh, not to forget my son, Bubba’s, Man vs Food Supper he requested…

Ham, french fries, cheddar, egg, on French bread

Yikes!  Haha… I am really lucky I didn’t gain!

This is a new week, and here’s to an even better number next week!

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