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Weigh-in Worries

Supper last night was a Homemade Salmon Burger topped with cheddar, avocado, tomato and red onion with some roasted garlic and chili aioli sauce with some kale chips, and Alexia sweet potato fries.  I don’t know what part I liked more!  I love Salmon burgers. I love kale chips, and I love sweet potato fries… but I only had seconds of the kale chips 😉 I guess they win!  

Since breakfast couldn’t get any better than yesterday’s Pumpkin Oats with 2-2″ pumpkin quinoa pancakes crumbled on top with a dollop of Sunbutter. I started my day off with it again today!! Yes I AM a creature of habit!  What can I say, why mess with a good thing.  😉


with a black coffee on the side :)

Yesterday I had planned to paint the bottom of the new kitchen bay window we had put in this summer.  I had primed it already but not painted it.  Unfortunately it had been 2+ years since I had painted my whole house, and the paint had faded terribly!  So unplanned I continued to paint the whole back of my house yesterday! The plans for today include repainting the door and trim, and maybe the south side.  I guess we will see how ambitious I get once I get out there!  …and how hot it is!

I am really nervous about weighing in on Thursday… When I weighed last week for the first time in a  month, after a 3 day ride in a vehicle I was up 11 pounds. :(  I told myself it is all okay as I am sure it is just some water weight, and swelling from being stuck in a car for 3 days… Usually I would have jumped on the scale every day as I am normally am an every morning weigher… but I am scared… scared of having to lose that weight again. This spring I had lost 26lbs by counting calories, and trying to eat as clean as possible and exercised every day.  As of last week I am up to only being 8lbs from where I started in February… too close for comfort!

I haven’t been following my September goals too closely to try and counteract the weight gain that well yet… I am logging about half of my meals and haven’t done anything but quick bursts of activity like doing step-ups on my steps going into my living room, or like painting the house today.  So I guess my mini-goal for the rest of the week is to get my laptop off my lap, blog quickly and efficiently, and move!  Whether it is painting or yard work, or treadmill anything is better than sedentary!!  It is quite ironic that since I started this blog I have gotten less activity than I did before, and gained 14lbs!  So much for a healthy living blog!!

What’s your weigh-in routine?

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12 years of Friendship and Fish!

Today was the 12th Anniversary of when Hubby and I met… I had kind of forgot, till he said he arranged for my Mom to watch the kiddos and he was taking me out for lunch.  The wheels started turning then, and I figured it out 😛  I am SO not a girl when it comes to those things!

Small waterfall on the way to restaurant

The restaurant we went to is in Kitamaat Village just outside of the town I am from… gorgeous views of the ocean from the tables.  If you are ever out this way check out SeaMasters!

Huge Halibut burger!!


I had a Halibut burger!  YUM!  with some Lemon Thriller tea and a side ceasar salad.

Tea to warm me up!

Hubby had a seafood platter, with halibut, clam strips, split prawns and calamari, with some Boston Clam chowder as his side.

Holy Fried Seafood!

While we dined we got to look at THIS!  I miss living by the water…

View from Table :)

This guy dined just outside the restaurant on some fish as well!


While we were out, my Mom and Thing 1 set out to cook their annual Salmon Dinner.  Every year they go through her recipe books and find an idea, and as my Mom would say, Create!

Thing 1 and Mom set the table...

After scraping scales, and cutting the slippery salmon into steaks, they marinated it in a cajun style sauce, and used her fresh herbs from the garden.  (I am not privy to the recipe, but all I can say it was amazing!)

A Fish Feast!

After supper I had a great visit with my aunt and uncle who actually introduced my hubby and I.  They had their little grand-daughter with them, and oh, I wish I could have stole her!  She is such a cute and sassy two year old!

Wow… it was a great day!  I love fresh fish, but I love friends and family more!

What’s your favourite fish to eat?



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