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Spinach Cubed

Ever have great intentions to eat healthy and buy a bunch of spinach for smoothies?

…only to have it turn into a bag of slimy green mush?

*sheepishly raising my hand* 😀

Recently I decided I should start eating healthier again, and with the school year starting I tend to drink more smoothies. They are great to bring to work to have as a breakfast/snack as I then am not eating with my hands which helps to avoid any cross contamination allergic reaction.

Only I bought a HUGE bag of spinach, and there it sat for the last week… slowly turning.

I needed to save it so I didn’t waste anymore produce!

Out came the strainer and I washed and dried it separating the few already mushy leaves out.  Chopped it into smaller pieces and squished it into ice cube trays making sure to compress them.   I popped them into the freezer for a few hours till they were frozen :)


A quick twist of the ice cube tray and out they pop! 20120905-190528.jpg

Handy little serving sizes… I can easily throw 1, 2, or 3 into a blender!


Into a freezer ziplock bag…


…and into the freezer for the next time a smoothie craving hits!


This is great as I can now buy organic spinach when it goes on sale and feel good about the fact I will not let it go to waste! It takes a bit of prep but if I added up how much money in spinach I have given to our chickens or to the compost pile I may be a bit embarrassed!

Which is great as I am trying to follow a thriftier un-wasteful lifestyle

….like I’ve read about on the blog, Small Notebook.

I really wanted to do a No Spend Month, but with our sport activities, and fees that go along with them AND back-to-school, I wasn’t sure when I could ever find a month that didn’t have a lot of financial commitments.

So instead I am trying to be more mindful of my spending, and use up items I have already purchased in my crazy overfull freezer/ cold room /pantry storage this month!  Plus, I am trying to follow some of her other ideas, to clear the clutter and simplify my life.  Wish me luck! *I may need it!!*

So I guess I will call this month, Mindful Spending September…

Have you every tried a NO SPEND MONTH??  How did it go??


Day 7: Smoothies and Stainless Steel Straws :)

Today we had our first smoothies of the new year, and the first smoothies in our new kitchen!

It only took me over half an hour to find the blender, protein powder, and chia seeds ect… Despite the wait and almost being late for Stinky’s hockey game, we really enjoyed them!

In the Vitamix (I made a HUGE 64oz batch of smoothie):

  • fresh baby spinach
  • frozen whole strawberries
  • 1 cup 0% greek yogurt
  • splash of skim milk
  • 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder
  • a sprinkling of chia seeds
  • and some whip cream on the kids’!

YES!  you read that correctly, I did not add any ice to the smoothies.  I partly forgot, and I partly wanted a more nutrient dense smoothie for the kids. –Good cover-up for forgetting hey?? 😉

Not only was it our first Smoothie of the year, it was our first time using the great Stainless steel straws Bubba bought me for Christmas!*  I LOVE THEM!  Even the kids were pretty excited to be sipping their extra thick smoothie and not have their straw collapse as they slurped.  Bubba loved how he could stir it without it bending!

They even came with a cleaning brush! So the crud from the thick smoothies can easily be removed!  I have wanted some of these forever, and hummed and hawed over ordering them online since seeing them for the first time on Carrots n’ Cakes’ blog.  Go figure they would be in my local home hardware! (Albeit a couple years later…)

*Uhmm… well I paid for the straws technically… When I saw them on Christmas Eve in local Home Hardware store with Bubba I wanted them, but felt guilty buying them before Christmas when I tell my kids not to do that. When Bubba said,”If you buy them, I’ll wrap them and give them to you!”  He proceeded to grab them from me, and put them in the basket!  Then jokingly said “Don’t look in the basket!” as he was pretending to cover them up 😉  He’s a good kid! <3



Bowl of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are amazing!  Not only because they can grow fake sprout hair on a piece of pottery… They are a superfood! 

Chia Seeds on Smoothie (and in)

“Chia seeds are full of Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, dietary fiber and oil. Chia seeds are also high in anti-oxidants and have been found to be beneficial to diabetics due to their ability to inhibit the speed of carbohydrates being turned into sugars. The seeds are also being used as a diet aid because they help a person feel fuller and, therefore, curb hunger.”  Excerpt from:What Are Chia Seeds?

Chia Seeds on Salad

You can add Chia Seeds to almost everything!  From on top of a salad, yogurt, toast, to adding a tsp to a smoothies or oats! Use them in baking anywhere you would use flax!

Chia seeds on a clean AB &J

They really have NO flavour, and you can blend them to a fine texture so you cannot feel the texture on your tongue.  Or you can let them get a jelly coating on them as they absorb water almost like a mini bubble tea texture. I like them either way!

Sparkling Chia water with berries

Don’t buy the processed tablets you will see online or in stores!  Just buy the seeds, in containers, bags, bulk, much more cost effective, and is more natural! White vs dark, it doesn’t matter they have the same nutritional content :)

Give them a try… if all else fails spread the left over seeds after soaking them, on a piece of pottery and make a chia pet 😉

Have you used Chia Seeds?  What do you like using them for?


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