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Orange You Glad… you worked out today?

Whew… I am done another day of Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30.  Sometimes I wonder how I did 4 weeks straight of this program, and did not die.  I am glad I got up earlier to knock this off today, so the guilt of not working out did not plague me on holidays.

Cool Down... JM Style! :)

Today my knees were not liking the running men move. Although my mom lives in a ranch-style house on a cement slab, so I am guessing the difference of cushioning didn’t help!

Love the Yellow Mug!

Breakfast was some Yogi Kombucha Tea with a couple drops of Vanilla Stevia…

I <3 the sayings on the Yogi Teas!

I sandwiched them together and had some yummy chocolate almondy sunflower goodness!!

I also had an Earth Grain Thin Bun.  On one side I had some Marantha Dark Chocolate Almond butter, the other I had some of the new Sunflower butter I bought, each had a sprinkling of chia seeds.  On the side I had a navel orange…. YUM!

Now off to enjoy another rainy day in Kitimat, BC!

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Kombucha Tea

After reading about Kombucha Tea on many blogs, when out on my last shopping trip in the city I stubbled across some Kombucha Green Tea by Yogi.  I know traditionally Kombucha tea is fermented tea that  takes 8-12 days to make a starter or SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts) …since I don’t have to time or or ambition to try and make it, along with the fact that I am sure seeing the “mushroom” floating in the tea will make it unappetizing for me! I decided to go with the hype, and most likely the most non-kombucha tea and buy tea bags!

Yogi Green Kambucha Tea

It actually has a bit of a fruity taste, and after leaving the tea bag in for an extended period of time, it did not get bitter!  Reviews on website said this, but honestly how often can one trust reviewers that are spouting off they feel healthier, livelier, and thinner from drinking this tea. It actually is making me have a weird tingling sensation in my mouth… maybe the brewed from bags tea has some sort of healing metabolism, disease fighting properties after all? …Or maybe I am having an allergic reaction? 😉

"Feel Great, act great and approve of yourself."

I love the little sayings on the tea bags… yes I am a nerd! It makes me feel very calm and Dalai Lama blessed…

So far so good, my epi-pen is safe in my purse, and I think my metabolism is revving up as I write this 😉  A girl can dream…

Have you tried Kombucha Tea?  What kind, and what did you think??


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