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Wonderful Wedding Memories

I am sitting in the hotel in Prince George, BC and finally putting the photos from the wedding on my computer, so I figured I would give you guy a recap :)

The whole reason for our trip up to Kitimat, BC this summer was for my cousin’s wedding. Well, it happened this Saturday on a beautiful sunny day.  The clouds had cleared after a morning shower to shine on the happy couple. Congratulations Kaitlyn, and Steve!

The Happy Couple

Every family has traditions and ours is no exception.  My Mom and her family moved to Canada from Scotland when they were all kids, all 8 of them with their parents… I couldn’t imagine.

We have Horseshoe girls… who present the bride an upside down horseshoe to bring them luck in their marriage

My beautiful Cousin who was the Horseshoe girl

 We have a Family Song… As far back as I can remember my family has done a dance to this song at family functions, it is by a Scottish band called, The Proclaimers.  I am sure most of you have heard of them… if not here is a refresher!


I love it!  It reminds me of the whole Miller Clan I grew up with, and how much love and support we all have for each other!

Miller 500 Miles Dance!

The night was filled with many fun moments, and memories…

There were beautiful decorations… 

Family photos every time you turned around…


My Picky Family <3

Sister and her Boyfriend... Hi Cory!

Cory has been bugging me as to why he hasn’t made the blog… I teased him I wouldn’t put him on till he “put’s a ring on it” They have been living together for 5 years… and he keeps talking of a bachelor party…  Hey Cory, you need the ring first! 😉

It may be time… soon?? Right Cory?? I bet you wont be bugging me ever again 😉 I do however have to say this looks good on both of you 😛 (see below)

Bahaha... I love it!

Speaking of dress-up, my uncle built this great wall to use as a photo booth, there were frames with cutouts and personal wedding photos of the bride and groom’s families, and photos of them as kids.  As well as the wall there were props!  The veil was one of them… (as well as the pig nose you see on the table to the right of my sister) we got a lot of hilarious photos throughout the night, but I am pretty sure I am not allowed to show a lot of them 😛

I can however show this one, as it is Picky Hubby and I!  My Uncle is so talented!

I feel like I should be on the Brady Bunch!

There was a very special dress-up portion of the evening where one of my uncles brought out costumes that he and Kaitlyn and he wore MANY years ago in the Canada parade.  Both their families owned the pizza place that I have talked about on the blog, and to try and get the public’s interest and some “free” advertising they dressed up as Pizza Fairies and sang “That’s Amore” while my uncle played the accordion. It became another tradition… of the parade, and telethon, and other public events that they would perform together.  Kaitlyn as always was a great sport, laughing and belting out “That’s Amore!”

They are missing their wings, but still were amazing!

…and there was cake! You may remember this cake from this post


Incredible shrinking cake!

It was a great time!  With lots of dancing, visiting, eating, laughing… and kissing!


It is obvious how perfect my cousin is for her groom… and her groom for her.

 I guess it is true… All you need is love!

Does your family have any special Wedding Traditions?  Please share them in the Comment Section Below!

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Food, Family and Fun!

I am tired today… I feel like I went to town drinking last night, but I think it is just exhaustion! (especially since I had a half a glass of my malibu and perrier, and dumped the rest down the sink.) 

For breakfast I had a smoothie of two handfuls of spinach, some oats, chia seeds, choc. protein powder, little instant coffee, summer fruit mix, and some ice.  Wow that was a mouthful!

Lunch was some popcorn… yes I know, popcorn. It was of the Simply Food, sweet and salty flavour from Shoppers Drug Mart

SOooo Good, I don't recommend you try it :P

 Supper was at the family bbq for my cousin’s wedding.  My uncle once again made my day with his fish recipes…

Every family brought a salad…

My already eaten from plate...oops!

There were hotdogs and hamburgers too…but I chose to stick to the fish and salads, as I know I have been eating BAD all week!  Plus I had a bit too much samples of cake and the raspberry buttercream when I had the cake incident 😛

This is the salad I brought.  It is that Presidents choice Blue Menu stuff I talked about on the blog before, here.  All I had to do is chop some spinach up finely and stir it in!

Bulgar, Quinoa, and Chickpea Salad

 Lots of compliments on the taste, then on the easy recipe once I let my secret out of the bag!

My favourite Salad on the Table was this beauty!  Avacodos, Tomatoes, Cilantro, Black Beans, and Green Onion.  She said all the dressing is is some lime juice!  I will have to remake this at home!

Pat's Amazing Salad! My favourite of the night!

It was a very formal affair… sit down dinner 😉

Kid's table

Auntie Spagetti took this photo of Hubby and I on my Camera

Lots of pictures were taken!

My mom, and my sister and me! <3

Oh, I see lots of photos like this in his future.. as a Mom I shudder!

It was a great time… family, friends and food!  Hubby and I left the kids after with my Mom, and played some Catan with my sister and her boyfriend… I got schooled, BAD!

I'm the blue locked from expansion... :(

We stayed up WAY TOO LATE!!

…Well I am off to finally make myself a smoothie and slowly start getting ready for the wedding.  I can’t wait to see my little cousin get married!






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Let them eat Cake!


Pfewf!  Today I finally finished my cousin’s wedding cake… Just in time!  It was a cake of misadventures to say the least.

First white flowers before their demise ;)

First the small white flowers we had made had melted due to the high humidity here… then yesterday a layer of the cake collapsed when I was flipping it on to the bottom chocolate layer!  SIGH!  

Hubby came to the rescue and ran to the store to pick up more supplies, and I rebaked the vanilla 14″ and we were ready to fill and decorate!

It is a chocolate and vanilla layered cake with a raspberry buttercream filling.  
I can’t wait till tomorrow to see my Little Cousin, Kaitlyn get married to Steve! All the cake trials were worth it for such a great couple!  Now I need to get ready for a family Barbeque!

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