Weekly Weigh-in

Thursday Weigh-in:

180.5lbs        28/07/2011

191.0lbs       31/08/2011-Yes I gained 11.0 lbs in a month :(  

188.5lbs      08/09/2011- Down 2.5lbs!! Woot Woot!!

190.5lbs     22/09/2011- Ack!

191.5lbs     29/09/2011- Ahhh!! :'(

193.5lbs    12/01/2012 -Not bad considering I haven’t weighed or put much emphasis on       exercise or nutrition in awhile, AND it was the holidays, and 2 months of no kitchen!

197.0lbs    02/02/2012

196.5lbs    09/02/2012

196.5lbs    16/02/2012

195.5lbs    01/03/2012

198.0lbs    09/03/2012

200.0lbs    12/03/2012  Wow… thank goodness I am starting the elimination diet as I am assuming it will lead to some weight loss!

196.0lbs    19/03/2012

193.0lbs    26/03/2012

189.5lbs    01/04/2012

190.0lbs    07/04/2012

192.0lbs    12/04/2012 —My Birthday and definitely not where I want to be!

191.0lbs    23/04/2012

189.5lbs    29/04/2012 —Day before ACL surgery

186.0lbs    09/05/2012

184.5lbs   16/05/2012





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